Thursday, 20 October 2011

Can you imagine if ever sexual fantasy in our head it was count like a sexual encounter? Yeah, in the back of our minds we are all a bunch of whores! But here is the question, how much of whore are you ?

Women got this thing about counting their sexual encounters, the bigger the number more of a failure they are, kind of opposite that happen with us, the guys, not that we are exactly counting.

Straight women know their number without needed to think, straight men have a good idea about it, gay men probably stop counting before they reach their middle 20’s.

All start when we start to count the first kisses, the first blow jobs, the first boyfriends, one night stands, threesomes and before you notice you lost count of the time, the fucks and the condoms.

My straight friends always asked me in a polite way why most gays are so promiscuous? And my answer ? We are promiscuous not because we are gay, we are because we are men.

Let’s be honest when a new straight date happen, is quite often the men trying his way towards sex while women to romance, is not news that for sex to happen it will be needed hours of conversation, dinner, cinema for the man finally gets what he really wants since the very beginning, that is fuck the girl.

But what would happen if women would be as straight forward as us? they will cut the restaurant, pause the movie, forgot to ask our name and jump on us like a thirst vampire. So in a certain way we are no different from a straight, just luckier.

I guess anything that is easy to get or achieve makes us hungry for more, so sometimes sex is just like the extra mach mellow in the overweight hot chocolate, is a serious drug disguise as something pleasurable.

Sex is never the right answer for what we looking for but we like keeping looking for just for the taste of the ride.I slept with people because of low self esteem, pity, revenge, interest, love, drunkenness, boredom, curiosity and the list go on, but time showed me that sex is great but we shouldn’t expect that to solve our own demons, they will be there right after your orgasm.

So I finally realise that I may not be so sexual as I used to be, when it happen is over the roof, practice make it perfect (lol), but I learned not to think about it when does not happen, and not to thinking about so i couldn’t think is something more complicate to deal then few inches.

Like a smart person once said, the greatest sexual organ we got is the brain, have our lives powered by our desires is like give your car to your 2 years old son, our intelligence is something really new in the human race, but our natural instincts are around since we were all covered in hair.

So having your number increasing by year is not something that your should be ashamed of like women does but not also proud like men does, but something to learn from, so you can finally make better choices, making ever steamy wasting time moments counts for what it should for.


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